Flying Alaska

In Uncategorized on February 24, 2010 by hillermuseum

It’s 5:00 a.m., the sun is shining and the mountain’s open. From late spring to mid-summer we’ll be flying from dusk to dawn taking mountain climbers up to the glacier enroute to the top of Mt. McKinley. Crevasses start to open up in early July so the glacier flying season is short, but in the few months we’re active, we’ll take hundreds of people to conquer “The Great One”.

But “flying the mountain” is only one type of flying we do in the largest state in the Union. In a State where the airplane is as prevalent as the car, flying adventures abound. Whether it’s flying supplies into hidden gold mines, or hauling mail to the Aleutian islands, or tracking tundra fires near the arctic circle, or hauling fish roe to Anchorage for destinations abroad the variety, excitement, and challenge of flying in Alaska knows no equal.

For a pilot from the “lower 48”, the scenic grandeur, wildlife abundance, and opportunity to push flying skills to edge, makes Alaska the pinnacle of flying and a “must-do” for anyone with a love of aviation and a spark of adventure in their soul.

Darren Pleasance will share more of his Bush Flying story Saturday February 27 at 11am at the Hiller Aviation Museum


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