DC-3 75th Anniversay Tour – Day 2

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97H & 41HQ back together agian

DC-3 75th Anniversary Tour – Day 2

We started day two with a great breakfast at the Stearman Field Café with two DC-3’s and a gorgeous Stearman sitting outside the window. There were only two DC-3’s (97H and 41HQ) because the C-47 got an early start and was airborne before we even got to the airport.

The main topic of discussion at breakfast was the line of thunderstorms between us and Rock Falls Illinois, our next stop. We finally agreed that we would be able to head out if we deviated south towards St. Louis and then up to Rock Falls.

It was very special to see 97H and 41HQ together again. They were sister ships with the Otis Spunkmyer Cookie Company and they haven’t been back together in over 10 years. Jim Gabbert pulled out a copy of Air Classics at breakfast from the early ‘90’s with a great shot of the two flying together in with their Otis paint jobs.

Just as we were about to get in the planes to depart Clay Lacy gave us a flyby in his DC-2. What a treat that was to have the only flying DC-2 give us a pass and also let us know that it was time to get going to the next big stop on the trip.

After flying around a very dark and scary thunderstorm and also some highly competitive golf games on the onboard Wii game we made it to Rock Falls. What a site from the air. The ramp was full of DC-3’s and the parking lot was full of cars. The whole town came out to see this gathering. The organizers of this event have done a great job rallying the town behind it. There are actually really nice T-shirts about the event at Wallmart and for only $6, what a deal!

Last count before we left for the hotel was 25 planes on the ramp. Tomorrow is a full day with even more planes scheduled to arrive. Stay tuned for tomorrows post


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