DC-3 75th Anniversary Tour – Day 3

In Uncategorized on July 26, 2010 by hillermuseum

Day 3

27, that is how many planes were on the ramp today. One quarter of all the registered DC-3/C-47’s in the country were here in one place. What an incredible day sharing stories and passing the time with pilots, owners and enthusiast from all parts of the country.

The celebration here at Rock Falls is called “The Last Time.” And for allot of us that is probably true. The high expense to operate these aircraft along with diminishing parts makes it unfeasible to do something like this on an annual basis. So at least for some of us this may be the first and last time we will see this many DC-3’s together.

The dinner tonight was appropriately called “The Last Supper.” The hangar was full of crews from the 27 airplanes all together to celebrate this great aircraft. One particular gentleman was introduced as a pilot who flew one of the attending C-47’s during the D-Day invasion. His story was fascinating and he received a much deserved standing ovation.

The latest word is we are heading to Oshkosh tomorrow July 26. Oshkosh has had an incredible amount of rain in the last 72 hours and most of the grass areas are flooded from what we understand but the show must go on and they really want to host this celebration.

Hopefully the next post will come from Oshkosh

41HQ in the forefront with a line of DC-3's on the right


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