DC-3 75th Anniversay Tour

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Day 5 – Oshkosh

What can you say about Oshkosh that has not already been said? Anything and everything related to aviation is here. We are only here one full day so there was so much to do and see that we didn’t spend allot of time with the plane.

With all the rains and the fact that Oshkosh is so big the DC-3’s/C-47’s are spread out all over the place. We’re not sure how many planes made it. It must be out on the internet somewhere but all we know is there are a whole bunch here.

This evening Bassler Aviation through a party for all the attending airplanes. Bassler is a DC-3 turbo conversion company based here in Oshkosh. They take run out old DC-3’s and modify them with turbo jet engines. There is obviously mixed feeling with old purist DC-3 lovers but changing the good old round engines for more modern ones. But the conversion also reemphasizes just what a great design the aircraft was and that with new modern engines the plane has new life in doing jobs she has been doing for 75 years.

Tomorrow July 28 we are departing at 9am. Our goal is to make it all the way to Flagstaff AZ for the night and then back to Hayward on Thursday – weather permitting.

97H at Oshkosh


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